Release notes March 2018

There are two new features available in Espacenet.

1) New full-text field identifier extftxt

The new extftxt field identifier lets you perform full-text searches for keywords anywhere in a patent document (title, abstract, description and claims). To perform a full-text search in Smart search, run a normal search (step 1). By default, the search is run in the bibliographic data collection. Click Refine search (step 2) to be able to select one of the three full-text searchable collections available and run your search again (step 3).

Step 1

screenshot 1

Step 2

screenshot 2

Step 3

screenshot 3

screenshot 4

2) New search feature for finding inventors or applicants in a country

Espacenet lets you search for partners residing in countries that could be of interest for your business or research field. In Advanced search, just enter a country code between square brackets, e.g. [CN], in the Inventor(s) or Applicant(s) field. In Smart search, use the following query: in=[CC] or pa=[CC], e.g. pa=[JP].

screenshot 5

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