Espacenet 1.23.0 release notes – 31 May 2021

Result list

When selecting the Text and thumbnails list view, for some documents, a spinner was displayed instead of a thumbnail. This bug has been fixed.

Previously, Espacenet crashed when the user tried to print a result list with 0 results. This is no longer the case.

Espacenet only allows the first 100 results in the result list to be selected at once. When a list with more than 100 results was viewed, e.g. 120, an incorrect message used to be displayed at the top of the result list, i.e. Select the first 120 results. This message has now been remedied. Please note that additional documents can be selected manually. When doing so, the limitations for the download features should be taken into consideration: max. 100 results in .pdf format and max. 500 results in .xlsx and .csv formats. 

When the result list was in collapsed/hidden mode, the hit number erroneously overlapped other text elements. This has been fixed.


Document pane

In some instances, data such as the applicant name and the earliest publication date was missing after the transfer of the INPADOC family to the result list. This issue has been fixed.


The query link in a downloaded Excel file for filtered data is now working.

See also this forum entry for a list of known issues and workarounds.

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