Espacenet 1.17.0 release notes – 11 November 2020

Document pane

When you navigated between different publications in the same family, the selected language was not always indicated. This has been fixed.

Highlighting is now also shown in the description and claims of the WO publication that takes the place of an EP publication (Article 153(3) EPC). This did not work before.

In some cases, the bulk machine translated description was not shown. Now more English bulk translations are shown than before.

In some cases when you selected the backward citations (cited documents) of all family members, only the ones of the selected document were shown. This has been fixed.

Non-patent literature

Searching for “XP” in Smart search is correctly interpreted as a search for the term “XP” in all text or name fields. However, Advanced search used to put “XP” in the All numbers field because it interpreted it as a number search for non-patent literature documents starting with “XP”. This has been fixed.

Please note that in new Espacenet you can get the bibliographic data on XP documents by searching for “CT= XP…”: searching e.g. for CT=XP03* will retrieve all patents citing NPL documents that start with “XP03”. Navigating to the cited documents in the citations pane and moving them to the result list will allow you to retrieve the bibliographic data of those XP documents.

The breadcrumb trail now indicates the journey for XP documents in the same way as it does for patent documents.

Classification search

Printing the tree view to show the dependencies of CPC codes is now possible in supported browsers. To do this e.g. in Chrome, you will need to select Background graphics under More settings in the Print dialog.

Print and download

Espacenet shows you the search statement and the filter criteria when you print or download a result list or the front pages of the documents found. In the past, however, the reference to excluded filter items was not shown correctly. This has been fixed and certain typographic conventions applied in the layout of the download have been harmonised with the layout you see on screen. Also in the past, when you searched with several search items separated by spaces, the link to the query displayed in the download did not work properly. This too has been fixed.

The title, query and filters were not fully visible in the downloads for complex searches. Now lines are wrapped so that no information is lost.

When you downloaded result lists in xlsx format, the content of the results was sometimes split between consecutive pages but that is no longer the case.

Keyboard navigation

Keyboard navigation in Espacenet (e.g. with the tab key) allows you to use Espacenet without a mouse. This can be helpful for visually impaired persons. Now the user focus in certain parts of the application is clearer, e.g. when you select the RSS feed for the INPADOC patent family.

See also this forum entry for a list of known issues and workarounds.

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