Espacenet 1.16.0 release notes –
14 October 2020

Bibliographic data

Espacenet did not work properly when you selected a specific language for the abstract and then moved on to a different result in the result list that did not comprise the selected language. This has been fixed.


Descriptions of documents with certain kind codes (e.g. USH47H) were not displayed correctly. This has been fixed.

Original document

Like Euro-PCT Notices (A0 documents), US X6 documents (e.g. certificates of corrections) are now also displayed in the Original document pane. They appear under the Additional tab and can be downloaded.

Patent family

The Legal events tab now displays the most recent publication of an application. In addition, whenever there is an AO publication in a family, events relating to later publications in the family are now shown. This did not work before.


The print function has also been enabled for non-patent documents (XP documents) and their citing documents.

Data transfer

The data transfer volume has been reduced by tailoring the response more precisely to the user request (e.g. download of front pages). This makes the application faster.

This release comprises other improvements that are not visible to the user and are not mentioned here.

See this forum entry for a list of known issues and workarounds.

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