Espacenet 1.27.1 release notes – 5 October 2021


When searching specifically for patent publication, application or priority numbers, the numbers were not highlighted correctly in the Bibliographic data and Patent family panes. This is now working properly.

At certain zoom levels, Espacenet failed to correctly display the result list, advanced search and filter sections. This issue has been fixed.

The link to the ARABPAT French interface is now working.

The bibliographic data printouts are now showing the correct application number.

The entries in the Help glossary are now displayed in alphabetical order in the French and German language interfaces.


With Smart search, you can search all patent documents with a specific kind code using one of the following types of query (CC= country code, KC=kind code):
pn=CCKC, e.g. pn=EPB1
pn=CC AND pn=KC,
e.g. pn=EP AND pn=B1.
In Advanced search mode, you need to use the Publication number search field.
You can also use wildcard operators to broaden the scope of your search, e.g. pn=EPB* to find EPB1, EPB2, EPB3, EPB8 and EPB9.
This new release eliminates any need to truncate the kind code, so pn=EPB now gives the same results as pn=EPB*.

When you activate a filter, updated queries in Smart or Advanced search modes are now also processed.

Result list

Some results disappeared when scrolling down the result list and then shifting the focus to another view such as My patents, Classification search and Help. This has been fixed.

Document pane

In the Citations view, the publication date corresponded to the earliest publication date of the citation's application lifecycle instead of the publication date of the displayed citation. Espacenet now displays the correct publication date.

Keyboard accessibility

When using keyboard navigation, some elements were highlighted in grey or framed in black instead of being framed with a blue border when the keyboard focus was on them. These elements are now correctly framed with a blue border.

This release also includes other improvements that are not visible to the user. These improvements are not mentioned here.

Visit this Espacenet discussion forum for a list of known issues and workarounds.

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