Release notes October 2017

1. "Latest updates" section replaced by "Data coverage"

The Latest updates section on the Espacenet homepage has been renamed Data coverage and its content replaced by links to the Latest bibliographic coverage and Latest full-text coverage pages. 

2. Global Dossier - RSS feeds now available for patent monitoring in Espacenet

For some years now RSS feeds have been available for monitoring changes in EP files, in the "All documents" section of the European Patent Register.

With the latest release, Espacenet also offers access to the Global Dossier RSS feed for EP and Chinese dossiers, allowing you to receive alerts on dossier changes.

The family-based RSS feed is accessible in Espacenet from the INPADOC patent family view (Fig. 1).

To receive alerts on changes to the files of INPADOC family members of Global Dossier's participating patent offices, click on the RSS dossier icon and follow the instructions to subscribe to the RSS family dossier feed.

Currently, RSS feeds are available for EP and CN documents (see help files for coverage). In the future, the family-based RSS alerts will be extended to further participating offices.

Fig. 1  RSS feed - family dossiers
Fig. 1  RSS feed - family dossiers

3. CCD - added download function

The CCD application, accessible via Espacenet in the Cited documents view (Fig. 2) and the IP5 website, now has an added download function. This new function allows you to export the prior art cited by family members of a single patent application in CSV or Excel format (Fig. 3). Some of the data attributes in Excel format will have active hyperlinks to Espacenet (Fig. 4). The CSV format allows you to import the data into your own patent management systems.

Fig. 2 Access to CCD
Fig. 2 Access to CCD

Fig. 3 Download function in CCD
Fig. 3 Download function in CCD

Fig. 4 Exported data in Excel
Fig. 4 Exported data in Excel

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