Espacenet 1.15.1 release notes – 14 September 2020


The download and print file now shows which criterion was used for sorting the downloaded result list (relevance, priority or publication date).

Patent translate

The dropdown patent translate appears only in case that the content of the selected document pane can be translated. Inconsistencies when displaying the patent translate button when navigating between panes with and without content have been fixed.

Bibliographic data pane

Sometimes the language of the applicant and inventor heading did not change when changing the language interface. This has been fixed.


The number of filter items retrieved per filter category has been increased considerably. This should make it easier e.g. to find applicants or inventors with specific countries of residence or to select various spelling variants of the same applicant.

The truncation of large numbers in the date graph in the filter has been fixed. Also, the numbers in these graphs are expressed in thousands or millions as deemed appropriate for better readability.

This release comprises other improvements that are not visible to the user and are not mentioned here.

See this forum entry for a list of known issues and workarounds. 

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