Incorrect display of publication date or date of (expected) grant for a limited number of applications in European Patent Register (reference no. INC0052731)

From 15.04.2022 05.00 hrs until 17.04.2022 05.00 hrs we experienced technical problems with the European Patent Register, resulting in the incorrect display of the date of publication or the date of (expected) grant in a limited number of cases, where the date displayed was 11.05.2022.

The entries have been corrected on 17.04.2022 at 05.00 hrs (CEST).

Users of the European Patent Register are advised to check the European Patent Register again for the correct indication of the date of publication / (expected) grant where, during the above-mentioned period, the date displayed was 11.05.2022.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Please always quote the reference number indicated above when addressing the EPO in relation to this issue.

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