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    Beware of approaches and requests for payment from firms purporting to register European patents

Security and safety during your visit to the EPO


As a visitor, you must be registered with our security staff in advance by your EPO host, i.e. the staff member who issued your invitation. You will be required to present valid proof of identity to security staff upon arrival at the reception desk.

You will be issued with a visitor's badge to be worn and displayed prominently throughout your visit. You will be escorted by your host at all times when in the non-public areas of the building.

If you have been issued with a patent attorney badge for official proceedings, you will have unescorted access to the semi-public areas for the relevant day(s).

Before you can enter the building, your baggage will be inspected and you will be required to walk through a metal detector. Please plan accordingly to allow ample time for this.

Before leaving the building, please return your visitor's badge to our security staff.

Safety and emergencies

Should an evacuation alarm sound, please proceed immediately to the designated assembly point.

If you witness an emergency, please pick up the nearest phone and call extension 2222, or dial the full number (see below) on your mobile phone, and explain the situation. For the Vienna site directly call 112 and then inform the reception desk.

Munich: 0049 89 2399-2222
The Hague: 0031 70 340-2222
Berlin: 0049 30 25901-2222
Vienna: 112

Security and emergency procedures: visitors' guides 

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