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Customer Services

The EPO regularly conducts surveys to monitor user satisfaction with its products and services.

The input gathered from these surveys enables us to review the quality and efficiency of our internal processes and services.

The surveys are carried out on our behalf by a contractor. For the period 2018-2020, the contractor is BERENT Deutschland GmbH.


Our Customer Services survey takes the form of a short web interview of less than one minute in duration.

All users who have registered an enquiry through our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system are invited to complete the survey via a link in the email informing them that their ticket has been closed. Any user of our website can also take the survey, using the feedback form available there under Contact us > Complaints and feedback.

The survey responses serve as a continuous source of data helping us to monitor user satisfaction with our Customer Services.

At least once a year but only for a limited period each time, we may widen the scope of the survey to include more general questions on our Customer Services or other services we offer. The web interview for this will still only take about five minutes and the results will help to give us a broader picture of user satisfaction with the EPO.

Any negative user feedback will be dealt with immediately by Customer Services.

Data is grouped and analysed on a purely statistical basis. Aggregated results are reported to senior EPO management and to the directors of the technical areas concerned.


Satisfaction with Customer Services is monitored regularly. More detailed surveys are conducted every two years.


For more information, or if you do not wish to participate in these surveys, please write to

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