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What is the EPO newsletter?

The EPO newsletter contains news and information on European patent law and procedure, patent information and searching, and other EPO services. Written for patent professionals, it also has details of key EPO events and training opportunities, along with links to more information on the EPO website and/or related sites.

The newsletter has six sections. There is a general part which is sent to all subscribers, plus five optional sections covering searching for patents, applying for a patent, law & practice, learning & events and online services. This means you can select the areas of most interest to you.

What do the five optional sections of the EPO newsletter cover?

Searching for patents

Tick this option to receive news on the EPO's patent databases and search tools.

Applying for a patent

Select this category if you want to be kept updated on practical issues to do with the filing and grant procedures, including information on regulation changes, forms and fees.

Law & practice

This section focuses on European patent law, including the case law of the EPO boards of appeals. It also covers legislative initiatives such as the unitary patent.

Learning & events

Sign up for this section for information on conferences and training opportunities, as well as the European qualifying examination (EQE) and e-learning modules.

Online services

This is the option to choose for updates and information on the EPO's online services, including Online Filing, Central Fee Payment and the European Patent Register, as well as our online services user training days.

How often does the EPO newsletter appear?

The EPO newsletter is issued once every two weeks, on Thursdays. Very occasionally, a special edition may be published to cover particularly important news.

How can I subscribe to the EPO newsletter?

You can sign up for the newsletter by filling out a simple form. All you have to do is provide your name and e-mail address and select the topics that you are interested in.

What will the EPO do with my data if I subscribe to the EPO newsletter?

Your name and contact details will be used in connection with the EPO newsletter only, and not for any other purpose. We will not pass on your data to third parties.

How can I unsubscribe from the EPO newsletter?

You can unsubscribe at any time by using the link provided in the footer of the newsletter. If you encounter any problems, please email website@epo.org with the words "Unsubscribe newsletter" in the subject line.

I am having some difficulty viewing the EPO newsletter. What can I do?

If you have trouble viewing the newsletter in your e-mail client, click on the "Visit the online version" link at the top of the e-mail. You can also change your preferences to receive the text version of the newsletter.

What is the difference between the HTML and text versions of the EPO newsletter?

The only difference is in the layout. The HTML version contains formatting and images that are not visible in the text version. The actual information contained in the two versions is identical.

I have signed up for the EPO newsletter, but I haven't received a copy yet. What should I do?

The EPO newsletter is sent out every two weeks, so it could be a little while before you receive your first issue. If you do not receive a newsletter within 14 days of subscribing, please contact website@epo.org.

Can I advertise in the EPO newsletter?

No. The EPO newsletter is for EPO news only. We do not promote third-party events, publications or services.

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