FAQ - Register Alert



What is Register Alert?

Register Alert is a service within the European Patent Register which allows you to monitor most changes to files due to procedural actions during the European patent procedure. You can monitor up to a thousand files of your choice per user name and password. As part of the service, you can choose to have Register Alert send you and up to four other addressees an e-mail every time there is a change to one of files you are monitoring that triggers a Register event.

What are the browser requirements for Register Alert?

To be able to use all the features in Register Alert without restriction, you must have either Internet Explorer 6.0 upwards or Mozilla Firefox 1.0 upwards.

What do I do if I forget my username or password?

Please follow this link to request a new password or a user name reminder:

Can I delete my profile?

No, you cannot delete a profile yourself. However, you can stop receiving e-mail notifications by deactivating the checkbox in Preferences -> Notification.

What is a Register event?

A Register event is a procedural action taken by any party to the proceedings and involving a coding (addition, deletion, change of data) that can trigger an entry in the European Patent Register.

When are Register Alert notifications sent?

Register Alert notifications are triggered when events are processed by the EPO's system. The documents to which the events relate become available in the All documents section one day after the date of despatch.

How up-to-date are Register Alert notifications?

For outgoing communications: Alert notifications are triggered once the event is coded by the EPO, and the documents to which the communications referate, are visible

  • either on the same day (e.g. ADWI letters when an application is deemed withdrawn) or
  • on the date of despatch or
  • for Form 2006A: on the day it is transmitted to the EPO post room.

For incoming communications: Register Alert notifications are triggered once the communications are coded by the EPO. That explains why a document in All documents might have a date that precedes the date of the Register Alert notification.

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