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Can I save/load my queries?

You can save or load your queries under Manage query files. You can then run them regularly to monitor the latest publications.

Click on the Save query or Load query button on the top left of the screen. Select a query from the History and drag and drop it to the query file in the first window. If you want, you can add a comment by right-clicking with the mouse. Finally, click on Save the query file. Next time, you can load your queries using Manage query files.

How can I deliver my results to my customers?

When you have carried out your search, you can download the results in html format. To do this, from the main menu, select Download > Result list > HTML, and click OK. Then go to the Download manager and select the relevant html documents, which you can then send to your customers by e-mail. The publication number is linked to the full document in Espacenet or the Register.

Is it possible to compare documents?

Yes. All you have to do is drag and drop the documents you want to compare from the result list to the document window. This is particularly useful for comparing drawings.

Can I customise my result lists?

You can add notice fields to your result lists by selecting Preferences > Result list content in the main menu and checking the columns/fields that you want to add. Then click OK.

Can I customise the document display?

You can customise the document display by hiding one or more notice fields. To do this, go to the main menu and select Preferences > Document > Content. Uncheck the field or fields you don't want and then click OK.

How can I sort my results?

To sort by a given field, just click on the heading at the top of the result list.

Can I use the History to get an overview of the searches I have done?

You can manipulate (append, replace ,delete), copy, print or download previous queries. Each valid query you make during your session is saved in the History. Each line contains an ID $1, the database, the result and the query.

Can I recover queries from my last session if I did not save them?

Yes. Your recent queries are listed in the History.

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