Online Filing software – new update now available

11 April 2018 update

The EPO is pleased to inform users of its Online Filing software that a replacement PCT update 3.51.256 for Version 5.10 (build or higher) is now available for download. This update does not require deinstallation of the previous update withdrawn on 21 March 2018.

Users who have activated the Live Update function will be notified automatically.

The update contains:

New features and minor functional changes

  • PCT/RO/101:
    • The 1 January 2018 PCT/RO/101 release (version 3.51.256) is available in eOLF Client, incorporating the PCT-SAFE releases of April, July and October 2017.
    • Update of PCT fees, including 01 January 2018 fee schedule, for
      • all EPC contracting states which are also PCT contracting states
      • International Bureau
    • Update of PCT fees, including 01 April 2018 fee schedule, for
      • European Patent Office and selected national patent offices for filings entering the regional phase

For more information, see PCT Fee Tables.

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