Extension of periods expiring on 31 May or 15 August 2018

In Bavaria, where the Munich filing offices are located, 31 May 2018 (Corpus Christi) and 15 August 2018 (Assumption Day) are public holidays.

The EPO filing offices in Munich, Berlin and The Hague will be open on 31 May and 15 August 2018.1 As these days are public holidays in Munich, no mail will be delivered there, since local postal service providers will not be operating. Users are therefore informed that under Rule 134 EPC there will be an extension of periods expiring on 31 May or 15 August.

Although postal delivery will not take place on those days, documents can still be filed in electronic form, by fax, or by delivery by hand at the Munich EPO premises or in the automated mailbox.2

Fee payments can be made via a deposit account held with the EPO as outlined in the Arrangements for deposit accounts.3 Attention is drawn to the possibility of submitting debit orders with a deferred execution date. Fees can also be paid by credit card.4 For payments made by bank transfer, please refer to Article 7(3) RFees.

Oral proceedings scheduled for the above days will take place as usual.

  • 4 See OJ EPO 2017, A72 and A73.

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