Online Filing software – new update now available

1 November 2018 update

The EPO is pleased to inform users of its Online Filing software that a new update for Version 5.10 (build or lower) is now available for download.

Users who prefer not to install it will however still be able to file online without any adverse procedural effects.

Users who have activated the Live Update function will be notified automatically.

The update contains:

  • New features and minor functional  changes
    • EP procedures:
      • EPO Form 1001, Euro-PCT Form 1200, Form 1038: The EPO will join the WIPO Digital Access Service (DAS) as of 1 November 2018. OJ EPO 2018, A78
      • EPO Form 1001, Euro-PCT Form 1200, Form 1038: Validation for Cambodia, addendum: a warning message has been implemented to inform applicants that, under Cambodia's Law on Patents, pharmaceutical products are currently excluded from patent protection. OJ EPO 2018, A16
      • Form 1038: Now possible to attach Form 1011bis (Declaration for SMEs, natural persons, non-profit organisations, universities and public research organisations for the purpose of the reduction of the fee for appeal). OJ EPO 2018, A5
      • minor technical corrections and fixes


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