New cryptovision smart card software and extended support for the Gemalto software

The cryptovision software, which is set to replace your Gemalto Classic client software, has been released and is available for download since 26 August 2019. You will need your existing login credentials to access the software.

We are pleased to announce that support for the Gemalto Classic client software has now been extended from 1 October to 1 December 2019. After that, no further support will be given for the Gemalto software.

All existing Gemalto users will need to download and install the new cryptovision software by 1 December at the latest in order to have continued support. The cryptovision software will automatically remove the old Gemalto software during installation.

The latest EP patch of the Online Filing software must be installed first before you install the cryptovision software, either via Live Update or from the download page.
Make sure you install the patch on the server PC if you have a network installation or directly on your PC if you have a standalone version. CMS users can ignore this step.

No change of smart card or smart card reader will be necessary. All current smart cards are supported.

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