Full roll-out of our new customer service management tool

21 February 2022

On 21 February 2022 we will roll out our new customer service management (CSM) tool, following the encouraging results of the pilot project we launched in November 2021. The roll-out is an important step in our Strategic Plan 2023 initiative to modernise and enhance online user engagement.

All incoming phone calls (under 00 800 80 20 20 20), all emails to support@epo.org and all enquiries submitted via our contact form will be received and processed by the same team of agents using this new CSM tool.

The new tool has optimised and streamlined the workflow for handling customer enquiries and will enable our agents and any other staff involved in replying to you to continue providing you with the best possible customer service.

When we think your enquiry has been resolved, we will ask you to confirm this. If you disagree, we will ask you to state why. This will enable us to react quickly and review your case.

Once your case has been closed, you can give feedback on our service. This feedback will help us to monitor our customer service performance and make any necessary improvements. Our aim is to provide good customer service and support you as best we can.

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