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Internships at the European Patent Office


Pan-European Seal

The European Patent Office is proud to announce its participation in the Pan-European Seal Professional Internship Programme starting in October 2015.  

Internships for science and engineering students

Every year, the EPO offers a limited number of three to six-month internships to engineering and science students who already hold a bachelor's (or equivalent level) degree. Interns work side by side with examiners who tutor them throughout the internship. They carry out complex re-classification work on patent applications and receive training relating to patents and other areas of IP, and various aspects of an examiner's work.

Internships for patent professionals

These internships are open to patent attorneys.

Internships for national judges at the EPO Boards of Appeal 

This internship programme is an opportunity for national judges to experience the procedures and proceedings at the Boards of Appeal of the EPO, which examine appeals from the decisions of the receiving section and the examining, legal and opposition divisions of the Office.  

Internships for graduates in the fields of law, international relations, European affairs, economics and communication

These internships are open to recent graduates. Applicants must be nationals of one of the EPO member states.

Other internships

Where available, details of other internship opportunities at the EPO are published here.

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