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Business solutions and support engineer (Administrator) in Dept. 0.5.2 (Investment Analytics and Risk and Process Management) (EUR/6902)

The Fund Administrator is currently looking for an individual with experience in the support and development of a wide range of technical and operational processes throughout the investment management cycle. The successful candidate will work in the Investment Analytics and Risk and Process Management unit and will report to its head of department.
Publication date: 11.12.2017
Application deadline: 25.01.2018

Administrator International Relations in Directorate International Co-operation (D 5.1.2) (EUR/7461)

The successful candidate for this role will be responsible for providing strategic, expert and operational support to EPO management and staff in connection with the EPO's international relations with IP offices, international organisations and stakeholders in a specific partner country or region. This typically includes the preparation and implementation of co-operation instruments in line with EPO policy and designed to promote the European patent system.
Publication date: 11.01.2018
Application deadline: 11.02.2018

Head of Department Facility Management Munich / Berlin (Department (EUR/7481)

Reporting directly to the Director Facility Management, the Head of Department Facility Management Munich/Berlin and his/her team will be responsible for the soft services of facility management (i.e. space planning, removals and furniture; canteen, cleaning, maintenance of plants, service ticket line; management of rented buildings and renting out of space; conference room services; logistic centre such as internal mail room and messengers, printing, car pool and drivers and stationary) of the EPO-owned and -rented buildings at the Munich and Berlin sites, with a total gross floor area of approx. 350,000 square metres.
Publication date: 11.01.2018
Application deadline: 11.02.2018

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