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  • Administrator Procurement Project Office (NRC/5995)

    Driving the change-management processes under the Central Procurement Strategic Roadmap, particularly with regard to automation; Managing strategic change-management projects...
    Publication date: 19.5.2016
    Application deadline: 19.6.2016

  • Lawyer in Institutional Law and Litigation (EUR/5992)

    Providing legal advice to departments Office-wide on non-contract matters, especially involving the PPI and seat agreements; helping to draw up or revise the EPO’s international agreements; conducting comparative studies; advising on amending EPO internal regulations...
    Publication date: 12.5.2016
    Application deadline: 12.6.2016

  • Senior press officer (External Communications) (EUR/5993)

    Handling day-to-day calls with the media and other external stakeholders, issuing statements, press releases and publications. Working with all external communication channels (social media/digital/traditional media) to ensure that the EPO reaches its target audience...
    Publication date: 9.5.2016
    Application deadline: 9.6.2016

  • Management assistant in Directorate 0.8 (External Communications) (EUR/5990)

    Secretarial and administrative services including correspondence, telephone calls, meeting and travel arrangements; Monitoring appointments and deadlines, managing the director's diary...
    Publication date: 4.5.2016
    Application deadline: 4.6.2016

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