Jon Groom

Jon Groom - Red in Red, 2001Red in Red, 2001
Acrylic, pigment, canvas
160 x 160 x 8 cm

The pictures of Jon Groom (* 1953 Powys, Wales, GB) engage solely with the form of the rectangle, varied endlessly in an almost meditative manner. Each rectangle is nested inside another in a strict geometric pattern. But despite their austerity of form, his pictures, which follow the tradition of colour field painting, minimalism and spirituality, vibrate as bodies of colour. Groom works directly on the wall, in oil on canvas and in watercolours. Using a basic structure, simple but precisely wrought, he creates works that can appear transparent or impenetrable, flat or sculptural, depending on the choice of colour or material. Though the meditative mood of Groom's works is personal, inspired by events in his own life such as his travels in Italy or India, it has an immediate quality that can be experienced directly by the viewer.

Groom (JPG)Violet Red in Cadmium Red, 2000
Red in Green-Red Grey, 2001
Green brown in Red Grey, 2001

Acrylic, pigment, canvas, each 70 x 70 cm
(c) VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2015; photo: Rob Kollard

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