Gerwald Rockenschaub

Rockenschaub (JPG)Untitled, 2007
Colour foil, alucore, aluminium frame
151 x 211 cm
(c) Gerwald Rockenschaub; courtesy of Galerie Mehdi Chouakri, Berlin

The picture is striking and expresses a clear language of colour and line. The non-figurative work tends towards the slick and industrial, and the precision with which the colour foil is overlaid lends it a hard edge. Gerwald Rockenschaub (*1952 Linz, AT) harks back in these works to existing associative artistic vocabularies. Entirely devoid of any sign of individuality, the artistic gesture seems aloof, withdrawn. Rockenschaub frequently engages with the durability of idioms and the mutual influence of different forms of expression. As painter, sculptor and DJ, he, himself, has worked with the acoustic and visual repertoire of forms from both high and popular culture. This is demonstrated by the EPO collection's piece, which is straightforward, unambiguous and signal-like in appearance.

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