Tomás Saraceno

Saraceno (JPG)Flying Garden (M32), 2007
Balloons, rope, quartz sand, tubes, compressor
Ø ca. 400 cm
Munich, foyer
(c) Tomás Saraceno; photo: Rainer Viertlböck

Flying Garden (M32) is part of a series of works entitled Air-Port-City. In this series, Tomás Saraceno (*1973 San Miguel de Tucuman, AR) visualises the possibility of alternative life forms and the creation of new structures for an overpopulated world. The sculptural work, located in the foyer's central stairwell, is like a cloud composed of individual transparent balloons, interconnected and secured by network structures and rope. And indeed, the artist uses this model to test the question of whether and in what form it would be possible to make a reality of cloud-like housing that could respond to climate change and float unbound by nationally drawn borders, changing shape and location as necessary. With this as his socio-political basis, Saraceno creates artistic structures that follow the tradition of such leading architectural utopians as Buckminster Fuller and Peter Cook.

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