Development and deployment of CCMTs

In 2017 in co-operation with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the EPO has produced a policy brief to provide evidence on the latest trends in climate change mitigation technologies (CCMT) innovation and dissemination with a focus on renewable energy technologies, showing that patents support deployment. The main findings are as follows:

  • The number and commercial value of CCMT inventions are growing globally
  • Most innovation takes place in the energy sector, with renewables driving the growth
  • The integration of ICTs into renewable energy technologies remains a key challenge
  • Climate policy is a main driver of innovation in CCMTs
  • Inventive activity in CCMTs is mainly concentrated in a few regions of the world but diversity of inventor countries is growing
  • Patents support the deployment of CCMTs

Intellectual property rights intensive industries and economic performance in the European Union – industry-level analysis reports

Produced jointly by the EPO and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), these studies analyse the contribution made by IPR-intensive sectors to the EU economy. They cover all major IP rights: patents, trade marks, designs, copyrights and geographical indications, with plant varieties added in 2016. They identify which industries make above-average use of those IP rights and quantify the contribution of these IPR-intensive industries to major macro‑economic variables (employment, gross domestic product, wages and trade) at EU level.

The studies provide comprehensive and robust data, as well as a solid evidence base for policymakers. They are the first of their kind to link various IPR databases (including the EPO's PATSTAT database and the EUIPO's registers of EU trade marks and Community designs) with macro-economic measures and general industry-level statistics. The methodology followed is similar to that applied in equivalent studies by the USPTO, thus facilitating comparison between the US and EU economies in terms of the impact of their native IPR-intensive industries

Climate change mitigation technologies in Europe - evidence from patent and economic data

In a series of empirical studies on the role of patents in the development and dissemination of climate change mitigation technologies (CCMTs), the EPO and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) launched a new empirical study on CCMTs in Europe in December 2015. The study links patent trends with relevant economic data on investment, trade and technology transfer in CCMTs and provides a clear and comprehensive picture of Europe's contribution to CCMT development and dissemination.

Unitary patent and the Unified Patent Court

Independent study published in April 2014 on the economic effects of the unitary patent package to identify, quantify and understand the individual drivers behind the behaviour for applying for unitary patents and the use of the Unified Patent Court.

The economic effects of introducing a grace period in Europe

Independent study published in November 2014 to provide evidence-based analysis of the impact of the potential introduction of a grace period in Europe.

Study on the economic dimensions of the fee structure in the European Patent system, July 2010

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