Making payments

Fee payments, which must be in euro, can be made to the EPO:

  • by payment/transfer to a bank account of the European Patent Organisation, quoting, as payment reference for the bank, the patent application number and fee codes to which the payment relates,
  • via a deposit account held with the EPO or
  • via online fee payment

When making fee payments, the following important information has to be considered.

Guidance and other relevant information for making fee payments
Bank account of the European Patent Organisation for payments in euro

The following account with the Commerzbank in Germany is available for payments and transfers from all member states:

Commerzbank AG
Nr. 3 338 800 00 (BLZ 700 800 00)

IBAN DE20 7008 0000 0333 8800 00


Requirements related to bank transfers (OJ EPO 2014, A112, Point 2)

Deposit account
Online fee payment

More information on online fee payment

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