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European Patent Convention (EPC 1973)

A revised version of the European Patent Convention entered into force on 13 December 2007. The provisions of the revised Convention apply unless the transitional provisions provide for the applicability of the EPC 1973.

Rule 55 81

Content of the notice of opposition

Art. 99, 100, 105, 133
R. 56

The notice of opposition shall contain:

(a) the name and address of the opponent and the State in which his residence or principal place of business is located, in accordance with the provisions of Rule 26, paragraph 2(c);

(b) the number of the European patent against which opposition is filed, and the name of the proprietor and title of the invention;

(c) a statement of the extent to which the European patent is opposed and of the grounds on which the opposition is based as well as an indication of the facts, evidence and arguments presented in support of these grounds;

(d) if the opponent has appointed a representative, his name and the address of his place of business, in accordance with the provisions of Rule 26, paragraph 2(c).

81 See decisions/opinions of the Enlarged Board of Appeal G 9/91, G 10/91, G 1/95, G 7/95, G 3/97, G 4/97, G 3/99, G 1/02 (Annex I).

Cross-reference list
R. 55 R. 76