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Guidelines for Examination


The formalities officer must ensure that the requirements with regard to representation as set out in A-VIII, 1 are met. The main points to be considered are:

the necessity for applicants who have neither a residence nor principal place of business in a Contracting State to be represented by an authorised professional representative or by an authorised legal practitioner fulfilling the requirements of Art. 134(8);
that, where an applicant who is resident in or has his principal place of business in a Contracting State is represented by an employee, the employee is authorised; and 
that the authorisation, if any is required (see A-VIII, 1.5 and the Decision of the President of the EPO dated 12 July 2007, Special edition No. 3, OJ EPO 2007, L.1), is in order, duly signed (see A-VIII, 3.2 and 3.4) and is filed in due time.