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Guidelines for Examination


4.2.1 Information on the applicant

The request must contain, in the manner specified in Rule 41(2)(c), the name, address and nationality of the applicant and the State in which his residence or principal place of business is located. Applicants (whether natural or legal persons) whose residence or principal place of business is in an EPC contracting state and who act without a professional representative can use an address for correspondence other than their residence. The address for correspondence must be the applicant's own address and must be in an EPC contracting state and be entered in the relevant form in the Box marked “Address for correspondence”. Post cannot be sent to a different (natural or legal) person, since that requires a valid form of representation under Art. 133 and 134. Where the application is in the name of more than one applicant, the requirement must be satisfied for each applicant. At this stage in the proceedings, the formalities officer should have regard to the provisions of A‑II, 2 governing the entitlement of the person named as applicant to apply for a patent.