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Guidelines for Examination

Methods of payment 

Fees may be paid in the following ways:

by payment or transfer to a bank account held by the EPO; 
by debiting a deposit account opened in the records of the EPO in Munich (see A-X, 4.2 and 4.3);
by requesting re-allocation of a refund (see A-X, 10.5).

Debiting of deposit accounts in principle occurs on the basis of a debit order signed by the account holder. A debit order may be filed by means of EPO Online Filing, by means of Online Fee Payment, on paper or by fax.

Payment by cheque delivered or sent directly to the EPO was abolished with effect from 1 April 2008 (see OJ EPO 2007, 533 and OJ EPO 2007, 626).

By way of exception, certain fees and costs at the Munich Information Office, namely for photocopies made by the EPO staff or by the requester in the course of file inspection or for purchases of patent information products, other copies of EPO documents and publications, are payable on receipt of an invoice. They may no longer be paid by credit card (Decision of the President of the EPO dated 26 August 2010, OJ EPO 2010, 496).


Art. 5 RFees