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Guidelines for Examination


1.5 Other information in the communication under Rule 71(3)

In the communication under Rule 71(3), the applicant is asked whether he requests a paper copy of the patent specification to be supplied to him with the certificate for the European patent. This paper copy of the specification is supplied free of charge on request. For further details see C‑V, 12.

Rule 74

An annex to the communication under Rule 71(3) states the Contracting States which have been validly designated, the title of the invention in the three EPO official languages, the international patent classification and the registered name of the applicant.

The communication under Rule 71(3) also states that, where a renewal fee falls due between the notification of this communication and the proposed date of publication of the mention of the grant, publication will be effected only after the renewal fee and any additional fee have been paid (see C‑V, 2).


Rule 74