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Guidelines for Examination


4.1 No payment of fees or filing of translations necessary

In the case referred to in C‑V, 4, the applicant will not be required to pay the fee for grant and publishing or any claims fees in reply to the first communication under Rule 71(3), nor will he be required to file any translations of the claims within this period. This applies irrespective of whether the Examining Division subsequently finds these amendments or corrections to be admissible and allowable and irrespective of whether the amendments or corrections are reasoned (see C‑V, 4.3).

This also applies if the applicant requests the reversal of amendments proposed by the Examining Division in the Rule 71(3) communication (see C‑V, 1.1). Furthermore, it also applies if the Rule 71(3) communication was based on an auxiliary request and the applicant replies by requesting that a grant be based on a higher request.