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Guidelines for Examination

Interruption of time limits 

The time limits in force at the date of stay other than time limits for payment of renewal fees are interrupted by stay of the proceedings. The time which has not yet elapsed begins to run as from the date on which proceedings are resumed; however, the time still to run after the resumption of the proceedings must not be less than two months.

Example: The three-month time limit under Rule 82(2) begins on 4 January 2006; proceedings are stayed on 24 January 2006 and resumed on 26 September 2006. Of the first month (ending 3 February 2006) there are still 11 days left (24 January - 3 February). The total time which has not elapsed then amounts to 11 days and 2 months.

The time limit ends on 6 December 2006.


Rule 14(4)