Rule 137(4) applies to amendments filed at this stage
Any amendmentsAmendments filed in reply to the communication under Rule 71(3) must satisfy the requirements of Rule 137(4) by identifying the amendments and indicating the basis for them in the application as filed (see H‑III, 2.1, and in particular the transitional provisions in H-III, 2.1.4). If these requirements are not met:
andif the application is of one of the types mentioned in H‑III, 2.1.4, the examining division may send a Rule 137(4) communication before proceeding further, as provided for in (see H‑III, 2.1.1).;
otherwise, if the basis for any amendments is not apparent, the examining division objects to these amendments under Art. 123(2).

IfIn case (i), if the applicant replies to thisthe communication under Rule 137(4) in time, the examining division will then decide if it consents to the amendments and will proceed accordingly as indicated in C‑V, 4.

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