This revised version of the Guidelines for Examination will apply as from 1 November 2015. Until then, the September 2014 edition of the Guidelines remains valid.

Chapter VI – Correction of errors

2.Errors in bibliographic data

Correction of these errors is the responsibility of the formalities officer unless the error is in the decision (e.g. the decision recites the wrong priority number in the summary of facts and submissions), in which case correction is the responsibility of the Examining/Opposition Division.

3.Errors in publication

Errors in publication occur where the content of the printed specification differs from the documents transmitted to the applicant with the communication under Rule 71(3), which form the basis of the decision to grant.

Errors of this kind can be corrected at any time (see also C‑V, 10).

A complete republication of the patent specification will take place where appropriate.

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