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European Inventor Award

Artur Fischer

2014 winners announced

Exceptional inventors from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, UK, Japan and the US honoured with European Inventor Award 2014

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If you know an inventor who you think deserves to win a European Inventor Award, why not nominate them for 2015?

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Past finalists

If you're not sure whether your favourite inventor has already been honoured, check our past finalists section.

Determining the winners

Any member of the public can nominate an inventor for the European Inventor Award. The selection process relies on the hard work of EPO experts and an independent international jury that evaluates innovations not only on their technological originality but also on their economic and social impact.

Call for submissions: Proposals are invited from the public, national patent offices and the EPO staffEvaluation of proposals by the experts: A panel of EPO experts rigorously checks the proposals to ensure that they meet the procedural and legal requirements and that the relevant patents are still valid.Shortlist of the candidates: A shortlist consisting of about 40 pre-selected candidates across the five categories is prepared for the jury, including detailed reports on the merits of the inventions. Announcement of the winners: The winners in the five categories are announced at the award ceremony.Announcement of the finalists: The EPO officially announces the names of the finalists to the public.Jury’s decision: During a face-to-face meeting, the jury selects three finalists in each category by majority voting before finally selecting the winners.

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