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Finalists gear up for European Inventor Award 2014

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The finalists 2015

Jean-Christophe Giron
Jean-Christophe Giron (France)

Electronically tintable glass

Gunnar Asplund (SE)
Gunnar Asplund (Sweden)

High-voltage power grid connection

Franz Amtmann (AT), Philippe Maugars (FR)
Franz Amtmann (Austria), Philippe Maugars (France)

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology

Laura Johanna van 't Veer (NL)
Laura van 't Veer, et al. (Netherlands)

Gene-based breast cancer test

Michel Lescanne (FR)
Michel Lescanne (France)

Nutritional paste that combats malnutrition

Luke Alphey (UK)
Luke Alphey (United Kingdom)

Genetically-modified mosquitoes to control dengue fever

Hendrik Marius Jonkers (NL)
Hendrik Marius Jonkers (Netherlands)

Self-healing concrete containing bacteria

Ludwik Leibler (FR)
Ludwik Leibler (France)
Vitrimers – a new class of polymers
Ian Frazer (Australia), Jian Zhou† (China)

Vaccine against human papillomavirus (HPV)

Elizabeth Holmes (US)
Elizabeth Holmes (United States)

Simplified blood-testing system

Ivars Kalvins (LV)
Ivars Kalvins (Latvia)

Mildronate heart medication and others

Kornelis A. Schouhamer Immink (NL)
Kornelis A. Schouhamer Immink (Netherlands)

Coding method for CD, DVD and Blu-Ray

Andreas Manz (CH)
Andreas Manz (Switzerland)

Microchip-sized analysis system

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