Open Patent Services (OPS)

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Open Patent Services (OPS) is a web service which provides access to the EPO's raw data via a standardised XML interface. It does this using RESTful architecture.

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OPS data is extracted from the EPO's bibliographic, worldwide legal status, full-text and image databases. It is therefore from the same sources as the Espacenet and European Patent Register data.

With OPS you can:

  • add EPO data to your own software applications or in-house databases
  • develop tailor-made clients
  • download large volumes of data

Simply follow these five steps:

  1. Test the system in the developers’ testing area.
  2. Register to get access credentials.
  3. Log in and define your apps.
  4. Handle authentication ("Oauth").
  5. Add it to your script.
Registered users Up to 2.5 GB of data Free
Paying users More than 2.5 GB of data EUR 64

For more information about what we consider to be appropriate usage by test users and registered users, see our

Release notes


Title Format
REST services WADL descriptor WADL
OPS version 3.2 documentation – version 1.3.5 PDF
Open Patent Services input and output XML schema XSD
EPO St. 36 DOCDB exchange format for bibliographic data XSD
EPO St. 36 DOCDB full-text exchange format for full-text data (claims and description)
Open Patent Services XML schema for legal status data XSD
Open Patent Services XML schema for CPC XSD
Open Patent Services XML schema for Patent Register XSD
Cross-domain requests

Legal status tag definition


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