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 PATSTAT Online (Beta)

PATSTAT, also known as the EPO Worldwide Patent Statistical Database, is a snapshot of the EPO master documentation database (DOCDB) with worldwide coverage. It contains more than 20 tables with bibliographic data, citations and family links of 90 million applications of more than 80 countries.

There are two flavours of PATSTAT:

  • PATSTAT raw data
    For a subscription fee, the EPO provides the raw data on DVD and a suggested database structure. It is up to you / your IT department to implement your own local database and populate it with PATSTAT raw data. You have full control over this data to retrieve or manipulate it using SQL. PATSTAT raw data is not covered on this page, but you will find more information in the raw data area.
  • PATSTAT Online
    All you need is a browser to log in to a PATSTAT database which is hosted by the EPO. You retrieve data with SQL and then display, visualize and print the result. You may also download the result to process it further on your local PC.

Business use

PATSTAT is specifically designed for statistical analysis. 

Direct access

Currently PATSTAT Online is provided as a test version (beta) to all subscribers of PATSTAT raw data.

PATSTAT Online is hosted on the PISE platform, i. e. EPOs Patent information services for experts. A graphical user interface is provided which accepts SQL-like queries. Also, some special features for statistical analysis and visualisation are included.

  • Expert mode of PATSTAT is a subscription service. The Expert mode of PATSTAT is available with or without INPADOC legal status data.

All subscribers of PATSTAT raw data are currently eligible to access the Expert mode of PATSTAT (test version). Please contact to get a user name and password.


To try PATSTAT Online free of charge for two months, fill out the Registration form. You will receive your username and password by email.

Update frequency

The data is updated twice per year, usually April and October.


PATSTAT raw data


PATSTAT related training can be found at:

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Virtual classroom schedule


Use our discussion forum to talk to other users and EPO experts about PATSTAT.

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