EPO Worldwide Patent Statistical Database (PATSTAT)

Product 14.24 


This product is a snapshot of the EPO master documentation database (DOCDB) with worldwide coverage, containing 20 tables including bibliographic data, citations and family links. It is designed to be used for statistical research and requires the data to be loaded in the customer's own database.

An updated version is made available twice per year (April and October).

Users who require legal event information must enhance their database with the table containing legal status data (see product 14.24.1).


Bibliographic data can be retrieved from 1920 for some patent authorities.


Please refer to the Data catalog (see Download box on this page).


approx. 13 GBytes 



For price information please refer to the patent information price list under product 14.24 (see "Download" box in top right corner).

For more information, write to patstat@epo.org

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