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As the patent office for Europe, we support innovation, competitiveness and economic growth across Europe through our commitment to high quality and efficient services delivered under the European Patent Convention.


Patent examiners work at the forefront of technology, dealing on a daily basis with the latest and most challenging technical innovations.


Published notice: International restricted invitation to tender no. 1926 (D - Munich)

Professional and expert support in Graphic Design

Published notice: International open invitation to tender no.1840 (NL - The Hague)

Provision of Office-wide travel agency services and security/safety services for EPO travel management

Published notice: International open invitation to tender no. 1971 (D - Munich)

Monitoring of global financial markets and Reporting of regulatory changes that impact the RFPSS (Reserve Fund for Pensions and Social Security (RFPSS) at the European Patent Office (EPO)) operations in those markets

Published notice: International open invitation to tender no. 1954 (NL - The Hague)

The supply of Vasco hardware, software, licenses and maintenance to support remote access authentication. The supply of installation, configuration and migration assistance to move the EPO to the supplied system

Boards of appeal

Although part of the EPO, the boards of appeal are independent from the Office in their decisions and are bound only by the European Patent Convention. The boards deal with appeals relating to the granting of and opposition to European patents.

Annual reports and statistics

Read the latest facts, figures and statistics on European patents.

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