General conditions of contract

General conditions of tender

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These documents apply to tenders and agreements of the EPO only if and insofar as they are explicitly referred to.

This section comprises all the current open invitations to tender and restricted tenders with prior notice, as well as an archive of past paper-based tenders.

It contains links to all the invitations to tender currently being run by the EPO. Tender procedures are now being run either electronically or on paper.

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Electronic tender procedures

To bid for an electronic tender, you need to register and log in to our e-tendering tool.

Please note: the e-tendering system is not available between 02.00 and 03.00 hrs CET.

Important information

Only electronic bids shall be considered for all tenders published under this section.

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Paper-based tender procedures

Open invitations to tender

  • Published notice: Open invitation to tender no. 2007 (D - Munich)

    Fall protection systems are in place on some of the flat roofs of the European Patent Office's PschorrHöfe building at Bayerstrasse 34 (Phase I-VI). These have been found to have technical defects. Consequently, all existing systems are to be replaced and/or systems belonging to the existing facade access system are to be used and in certain instances new systems are to be installed.

  • Published notice: Open invitation to tender no. 1866 (D - Munich)

    To supply electricity to the EPO's premises in Munich. Electricity to be supplied free transmission point; network use to be agreed separately. Total annual consumption is about 22.5 GWh; 2015 figures for all buildings will be made available to bidders together with the procurement documents. Prices to be based on those on Leipzig EEX exchange. Price risks for period between bid submission and contract award will be absorbed: see Procurement Documents for details.


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