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Patent examiners work at the forefront of technology, dealing on a daily basis with the latest and most challenging technical innovations. But we offer jobs in a broad range of other fields too.

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Legal foundations and member states

Learn more about the European Patent Organisation, as well as its member, extension and validation states

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Gain insights into how our organisation works and the role played by our governing bodies.

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Principles & strategy

Learn about our mission, vision, values, strategy and sense of social responsibility.

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Find out more about our President and the Management Advisory Committee

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Services & activities

Learn about our services, how we manage quality and access more information about selected units.

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Observatory on Patents and Technology

Driven by expertise, for a deeper understanding of the future of innovation.

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Transparency portal

Openness and accountability are essential to our mission. That's why we've created a special portal dedicated to offering transparent insight into our operations, projects and impact.

Statistics and trends

Access interactive charts and graphs, read the Patent Index or browse our latest studies on technology trends and the economic impact of patents.

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Check out our procurement procedures and consult our latest invitations to tender.

16 countries sign the European Patent Convention (EPC) in Munich in 1973

Take a look back at the history of the European Patent Convention, the Organisation and the Office.

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Social responsibility

As part of a wider community, we are fully committed to protecting the environment and acting in the best interests of our host cities.

Validation agreement with Georgia enters into force

European patents can now be validated in 45 countries