Patent Management System (PMS) gateway interface

If you wish to enable the Patent Management System (PMS) gateway interface in the Online Filing software, you must first obtain approval of your PMS software from the patent office with which you wish to file your application.

If you use the PMS gateway interface without prior approval of the PMS software this may cause malfunctions or technical/procedural errors.

If you have standard PMS software, the supplier may already have obtained the necessary approval. For custom-made PMS software, however, or where no approval has yet been obtained for the standard version, you must obtain approval from the support desk of the patent office concerned.

With regard to the EP(1001E2K) and PCT/R0101 procedures, you must obtain approval from the EPO support desk before contacting any other patent office.

Obtaining approval of your PMS software for filing with the European Patent Office

  1. The first step is to activate the PMS gateway. Open the Online Filing software in demo mode. In the File Manager go to "Tools" - "Preferences" - "System Preferences" - "General" and tick "Enable User Management" (if not already enabled).
    Then - still in System Preferences - go to "PMS gateway interface". Click on "Smart card" and enter your PIN in the corresponding field.
  2. The next step is to submit a number of applications in demo mode. See some sample applications containing data for each relevant procedure.
    Enter the data into the corresponding forms in your PMS software and file all the sample applications for each procedure. Check that the PMS has responded as expected at your end.
  3. If the PMS has responded as expected at your end, please contact us with the following information:
    1. your name
    2. the name of your company
    3. your telephone number/e-mail address
    4. the name of your PMS software and
    5. your smart card number (not the same as your PIN!).
    You should also state
    1. which procedures you wish to file via the PMS in future, and
    2. the details of the demo filings you have submitted (procedure, date and time) so that they can be checked by the EPO.
  4. Our technical support team will let you know whether the EPO received your filings without any problem.
    1. If we are able to process your filings without any problems, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. This constitutes approval of your PMS software.
    2. If there are any technical problems with any of your filings, we will endeavour to work with you to find a solution.
    If there are no problems with your filings, you can now activate the PMS gateway interface in the software.
  5. Open the Online Filing software in production mode. In "System Preferences" go to "PMS gateway interface".
    Click "I confirm that the PMS software has been approved by the patent office(s) concerned".
    Then click "Enable filing to production".
  6. You can now file applications in production mode.
    For procedures other than those accepted by or filed with the EPO, please contact the corresponding patent office direct for details of their approval procedure.

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