The European Patent Convention


15th Edition, October 2013

To mark the 40th anniversary of the signing of the European patent system's founding treaty, on 5 October 1973 in Munich, an updated jubilee 15th edition of the European Patent Convention (EPC) was published in October 2013. The EPC remains the foundation stone of European co-operation in the patent field.

Content description

The 15th printed edition contains

  • the Convention on the Grant of European Patents (EPC)
  • the Implementing Regulations to the EPC
  • the protocols which are integral parts of the EPC (Protocol on the Interpretation of Article 69 EPC, Protocol on Centralisation, Protocol on Recognition, Protocol on Privileges and Immunities, Protocol on the Staff Complement)
  • an extract from the EPC Revision Act of 29 November 2000
  • the Administrative Council's decision of 28 June 2001 on the transitional provisions under Article 7 of the Revision Act and
  • the Rules relating to Fees.

It also contains an index of decisions and opinions of the Enlarged Board of Appeal published in the Official Journal of the EPO (Annex I), an EPC 1973/EPC 2000 cross-reference list (Annex II) and an alphabetical keyword index.

Available formats and amendments

Only the HTML files are updatable. They give the current texts, with any amendments (e.g. to the Implementing Regulations) included as from their entry into force. The PDF file reflects the latest printed edition (currently the 15th, published in October 2013), i.e. without amendments adopted by the Administrative Council since its publication. It is however preceded by a list of any amendments adopted by the Council since that edition went to press.

While the HTML version contains internal links between the articles and rules of the EPC and is optimised for online use, the PDF version offers the best solution for off-line browsing including full-text search functionality.

In the HTML files, "version history" can be used to find out about earlier texts of a given provision, including any transitional rules.

For up-to-date information on procedural fees, please also consult the EPO website under "Official Journal" and "Fees".


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