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European Patent Convention (EPC 1973)

A revised version of the European Patent Convention entered into force on 13 December 2007. The provisions of the revised Convention apply unless the transitional provisions provide for the applicability of the EPC 1973.

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salaries and emoluments


taxation ProPrIm 16(1)


salary scales


of the employees of the EPOff A 33(2)(b)


scientific theories A 52(2)(a)


seal R 77(1)


search A 92(1); R 44-46, R 112


assigned to sub-offices ProCen I(3)(a), ProCen V, ProCen VI


search activity


co-operation between the EPOff and other authorities ProCen III


Searching Authority see International Searching Authority


search divisions A 17


allocation of duties R 9(1)


as a department charged with the procedure A 15(b)


organisation R 12(2)


responsibilities A 17; R 9(2)


search fee


European search A 61(3), A 76(3), A 77(5), A 78(2), A 90(3); R 15(2), R 25(2), R 46(1),(2), R 85a(1); RFees 2(2),(3b), RFees 10


international search A 154(3); R 105(1),(3); RFees 2(2)


supplementary European search A 157(2)-(4); R 107(1)(e), R 108, R 112; RFees 2(2),(3c), RFees 10


search report see European search report


secret applications A 75(2), A 77




precautions and observance of police regulations ProPrIm 20, ProPrIm 21


sequence listing R 27a


service see notification


signature R 70


simultaneous protection A 139(3)


skilled person see person skilled in the art


social security ProPrIm 18


special agreements A 142-149


special departments of the EPOff A 143, A 144


direction A 143(2)


expenditure A 146


representation before ~ A 144


setting up of ~ A 143(2)


supervising A 145(1)


special financial contributions see financial contributions


special tasks


expenditure A 146


special technical features R 30(1)


specification of the European patent see European patent specification


state of the art A 54, A 56, A 158(1); R 23a, R 27(1)(b)




disparaging ~ R 34(1)(b)


Strasbourg Agreement concerning the International Patent Classification R 8(1)




dislocation of the proper functioning R 85(4)


postal ~ R 85(2),(3)


sub-offices of the EPOff A 7; ProCen I(3)(d), ProCen V


substances and compositions A 52(4), A 54(5)


substantive patent law A 52-74


supplementary budget A 10(2)(d), A 36(1), A 42(1), A 46, A 48


surcharge R 85a(1),(2), R 85b, R 108(3); RFees 8(3)(b),(4)


designation fee RFees 2(3b),(3c)


filing fee RFees 2(3b)


late filing of the translation of the international application RFees 2(3c)


national basic fee RFees 2(3c)


printing fee R 58(6); RFees 2(9)


request for examination RFees 2(3c),(7)


search fee RFees 2(3b),(3c)




methods for treatment by ~ A 52(4)


suspension of proceedings R 13, R 92(1)(s)


sworn statements


taking of evidence A 117(1)(g); R 72(3)