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European Patent Convention (EPC 1973)

A revised version of the European Patent Convention entered into force on 13 December 2007. The provisions of the revised Convention apply unless the transitional provisions provide for the applicability of the EPC 1973.

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taking of evidence A 117, A 131(2); R 72-76, R 99


costs A 104(1); R 74




exemption from ~ for the EPOrg ProPrIm 4


income of the EPOrg ProPrIm 4(1)


property of the EPOrg ProPrIm 4(1)


salaries and pensions ProPrIm 16, ProPrIm 17


technical means of communication R 24(1), R 36(5), R 77(2)(d)


technical opinion A 25


fee for a ~ RFees 2(20), RFees 10a


technical problem


specification of the ~ in the request for grant R 27(1)(c)


territorial effect of the Eur. pat. A 3


text of the Eur. pat. see European patent


text of the Eur. pat. appl. see European patent application


The Hague see branch at The Hague




methods for treatment by ~ A 52(4)


third parties A 95(2), A 115


time limits (general)A 120ff; R 83-85b


amending of ~ A 33(1)(a)


calculation A 88(2); R 83


duration A 120(b); R 84


extension R 84, R 85


failure to reply within a time limit A 121(1), A 122


interruption R 90(4)


observation of time limit for payment RFees 8(3), RFees 9(1)


periods of grace R 85a, R 85b, R 108(3)


suspension of proceedings R 13(5)


transfer of rights A 71, A 72, A 74, A 148(2); R 20


during the opposition period or during opposition proceedings R 61


partial ~ R 16


to more than one person R 100(2)


transitional period


activities of the Administrative Council during a ~ A 159


appointment of employees A 160


first accounting period A 161


processing of Eur. pat. appl. A 162 ProCen IV


representatives A 163


transitional provisions A 159-163




at the time of conversion into a national patent A 137


authentic text of Eur. pat. appl. or Eur. pat. A 70


certification R 5


corrected ~ A 70(4)(a)


costs of publication A 65(2)


evidence R 1(3)


filing of the ~ of a Eur. pat. appl. A 14(2), A 90(1)(c),(3); R 6(1)


in language of proceedings of documents which have to be filed within a time limit A 14(4); R 1(1), R 6(2)


in oral proceedings R 2(1),(3),(5)


included in the application documents R 35(1)


language of proceedings A 14(2),(3); R 6(1)


legal authenticity R 7


letters rogatory R 99(2)


not filed in due time A 14(5)


original ~ A 70(4)(b)


period for supplying the ~ A 65(1)


previous application giving rise to priority A 88(1); R 38(5), R 111(2)


reduction of fees R 6(3); RFees 12(2)


specification of European patent A 65, A 70(4)(a)


time limits R 6


~ of claims A 14(7), A 67(3), A 70(4)(a), A 97(5), A 102(5); R 36(1), R 51(6), R 58(5)


~ of international application A 158(2); R 107(1)(a), R 108; RFees 2(3c)


transmittal A 77, A 136, A 152(2), A 158(2); R 15(3), R 28(8), R 85(2), R 104(3); RFees 13


transmittal fee


for an international application A 152(3); RFees 2(18)


travel expenses R 74(2),(4)




international application pursuant to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) A 150-158




international arbitration ~ ProPrIm 23, ProPrIm 24


typing mistakes see errors in documents