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Avertissement concernant les offres frauduleuses et les invitations à payer émanant de sociétés qui prétendent procéder à l'enregistrement de brevets européens



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surveySmall.jpgAs part of its quality management system, the EPO carries out ongoing reviews of the quality of its services and the efficiency of its procedures.

To help us do this, we rely on the direct feedback we get from our user surveys. 

The results from our surveys also help us to shape the content of our in-house training programmes and draw up our annual budget forecasts.

The EPO conducts four regular surveys in the following areas:

Because the target groups for all four surveys are patent applicants and attorneys, it may be that some respondents are asked to participate in more than one exercise, although we are currently looking into ways of reducing the demands on individual participants.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants for taking the time to respond to our requests for feedback.

This site area explains the purpose of each of the four major surveys, along with the methods used, the target groups involved, and how often they are carried out.

We also carry out one-off surveys on specific issues as required.

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