EPO decisions and notices

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Receiving Office: Means of filing and requirements



Time limits and official holidays

Notice from the President of the European Patent Office dated 27 July 2015 concerning the days on which EPO filing offices are closed in 2016
(OJ EPO 2015, A69)



Sequence listings and biological material

Notice from the European Patent Office dated 18 October 2013 concerning the filing of sequence listings
(OJ EPO 2013, 542)

Chapter I: International Search

Supplementary International Search and international-type searches

Chapter II: International Preliminary Examination

Notice from the European Patent Office dated 13 June 2014 concerning the online filing of the demand under PCT Chapter II
(OJ EPO 2014, A71)

Entry into the European phase

Patent Prosecution Highway pilot programme between the European Patent Office and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office based on PCT and national work products
(OJ EPO 2015, A70)


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