Missing parts of the description or missing drawings filed after the date of filing 

The procedure under Rule 56 allows the applicant to file missing drawings or parts of the description subsequently, and to rely on the priority document in order to avoid re-dating of the application to the date of filing of the missing parts. Under Rule 56(3), re-dating is only avoided where the missing parts were "completely contained" in the priority document (see C‑III, 1 and A‑II, 5). The provisions of Rule 56(3) apply only to the filing stage of the application, without further implications: in particular, it is not permissible at later stages of the procedure to rely on the priority documents to correct or amend the application as filed (in keeping with G 3/89 and G 11/91). For Euro-PCT applications a similar provision exists under Rule 20.6 PCT, whereby a review by the EPO as elected or designated Office is possible under Rule 82ter PCT.

Missing parts of the description and/or missing drawings allowed under Rule 56(3) are always considered to be part of the application documents "as originally filed".

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