Release notes

IPscore 3.0

IPscore 3.0 is now based on Microsoft Excel. This transition to a familiar and widely-used platform makes IPscore accessible to a broader range of users and makes it more user-friendly.

IPscore 3.0 contains 14 worksheets:

Function Worksheet name

Overview of IPscore 3.0 content

Information Instructions
Input A. Legal status
  B. Technology
  C. Market conditions
  D. Finance
  E. Strategy
  Financial result
Output Output – Radar profiles
  Output – Financial results
  Output – Opp risk matrix
  Risk factors
  Opportunity factors

Printout of all default questions and possible answers

Printout standard IPscore on A3

While the core principles of IPscore remain unchanged, the new version introduces some improvements. Now, for answers that are numerical values, you can enter numbers of your choosing, e.g. fractions of years for the time to market. You do this instead of selecting the closest numerical values from a predefined list, as was previously the case. This makes the evaluations more precise, realistic and personalised.

Most of the questions can, however, still be answered using a dropdown menu with a set of predefined answers. As before, the set of predefined answers can be reworded or adapted according to specific needs.

Further information

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IPscore 3.0 manual
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